How long do sleeping pills stay in your system?

Other medications that can cause sleepiness include antidepressants, sedative-hypnotics, and some antihistamines. These drugs are not recommended for people with certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, glaucoma, and liver problems. In addition, they may interact with other substances, such as dietary supplements and some pain relievers.

Overdose on a sleeping pill is rare and can be life-threatening, depending on the type of medication and dose. Benzodiazepine overdoses, for example, can cause respiratory depression and be fatal. However, overdose on a less dangerous sleeping pill, such as melatonin, is very unlikely.

The withdrawal process for sleep pills varies by individual, but can be painful and unpleasant. Symptoms of withdrawal can last several weeks to even months for those who have been using the drug heavily. A medical detox can help to ease your withdrawal symptoms and ensure you do not experience a dangerous relapse. This type of detox is available at most inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. We may receive advertising fees from links to promoted sites. This does not influence editorial content or reviews. Read our full disclosure policy.

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